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    LEECH THERAPY COURSES. Abstract Hirudotherapy ( HT) is the application of medicinal leeches ( Hirudo medicinalis) for therapeutic use. At the ACADEMY of HIRUDOTHERAPY We provide professional training courses in bio- therapeutic Hirudotherapy in three languages - English, Polish and Russian, intensive case studies and hands- on clinical practice. Other species of Hirudo sometimes also used as medicinal leeches include H. Alicja Bibikow- Kolyszko has been involved in non- invasive hirudotherapy, biotherapy with medicinal leeches, for over a decade now. Hirudo medicinalis, the European medicinal leech, is one of several species of leeches used as " medicinal leeches". PhoneAddress Arizona. , Chairman, Life Coach, Educator at the ACADEMY of HIRUDOTHERAPY and CEO at the American Hirudotherapy Association.
    American Hirudotherapy Association, Hirudotherapy ALA- MED, The Healing Art with Medicinal Leeches, alamedhirudotherapy, Diabetes, Hirudotherapy in Sports, Easy does not, Energy Circle in Hirudotherapy, Hirudotherapy in Cosmetology, Natural Face- lift with Medicinal Leeches, Hirudotherapy and Cellulites, hirudotherapy and spider veins and varicose veins, Post- stroke recovery with hirudotherapy. AHTA makes Hirudotherapy more affordable through a client assistance program along with the support from ALL who believe in the amazing healing potential of Hirudotherapy. Leeches have enjoyed a renaissance in reconstructive microsurgery during thelast 30 years. Alicja Kolyszko, ND, DHP, MSc is a Founder & President of ALA- MED HIRUDOTHERAPY CENTERS of AMERICA, Inc. Pre- Hirudotherapy Visit Requirements Contraindications and Conditions Aftercare ALA- MED in New York OnLine Appointment for Las Vegas Cancer & Hirudotherapy ALA- MED in NV, FL, IL, CA, TX Videos in Russian По Русски

    Leech therapy or HIRUDOTHERAPY survived the fall of the Western Roman Empire and remained popular throughout the Middle Ages. Over the centuries it remained an integral part of treating disease and illnesses all around the. The American Hirudotherapy Association is a private non- profit organization existing solely on public support. It is one of the oldest remedies, being employed by various medicinal practitioners. Hirudotherapy is the use of medicinal leeches ( usually Hirudo medicinalis or Hirudo verbana) for curative purposes. Alicja Bibikow- Kolyszko Feedback from Students Contact the Academy. President/ R& D Director/ Educator and Owner at The ACADEMY of HIRUDOTHERAPY Las Vegas, NV since. Nowadays, medicinal leech therapy is considered an integral part ofthe armamentarium to salvage vascular compromised flaps or replants. The History of the Leech in Medicine Medicinal leeches are as old as the Pyramids.

    Life Clinic Hirudotherapy & Healing understands the importance of educating people and Mr. Based on clinical examination, in the presence of normal investigations, we were in the position of deciding if it was a common evolution of hirudotherapy or. Hirudotherapy durere picior.
    Arizona Leech Therapy is here to help you find a natural, drug free solution for your medical conditions. Find Practitioner in Your Area Who we are? Hirudotherapy – the formal name for leech therapy – is making a comeback in the United States as an increasing number of people are looking for drug- free solutions for their health conditions. Medical Definition of Hirudotherapy Hirudotherapy: The use of leeches for medical therapy. Jaffari' s Leech Therapy courses have been created to teach and enable others to continue his vision of helping people around the world using methods of natural leech therapy. Please contact the ACADEMY of HIRUDOTHERAPY for the training courses in Las Vegas, New York & Miami.
    History of Leech Therapy. From hirudin, the active principle in the salivary secretion of leeches that acts as a potent anticoagulant ( blood thinner). Hirudotherapy - - medical leech therapy Leeches in Non- Invasive Therapy In the recent years, non- invasive leech- treatments are done by certified hirudotherapists, specially trained MDs and nurses.